Entity formation is the true foundation for your cannabis business. All states with adult use marijuana programs require that you apply and operate as a “business”. The cannabis lawyers at Greenspoon Marder can help you with the crucial steps involved in business formation by working with your business on entity formation, shareholder agreement and operating agreements and the back-end accompanying documents.

Here are some of the reasons why having this done correctly matters:

  • A good shareholder agreement can protect all of the partners and clearly outlines contributions and expectations.
  • A good agreement lays out how a company comes together and how it dissolves if things do not work out.
  • Operating as a business help protect against certain types of personal liability.
  • Having solid corporate documents help a business cleanly take on additional capital if and when it’s needed.

Greenspoon Marder cannabis lawyers can help you navigate through the unique challenges of cannabis corporate law. With decades of experience, we understand the complexities your business faces as it is growing. Contact us online today or by phone at 888-491-1120 today to schedule a consultation to discuss the best strategy for your marijuana business formation goals.