Raising money for any business can be tricky and raising money for a cannabis business is particularly complex. This new industry has attracted excited and enthusiastic investors. At the same time, cannabis businesses are capital intensive and growing rapidly requiring new infusions of capital in order to succeed. If you are a cannabis investor or cannabis business, we can help.

Investors: Our cannabis lawyers can help you work through the unique due diligence process, help understand cannabis valuations, comparables and vet potential investments. After that process, our lawyers can help draft and review offering documents, loan documents, private placement memos and more.

Cannabis Businesses: Our marijuana attorneys can help you understand how to raise money, not violate securities laws, understand equity and debt investments and follow through with documents that accurately reflect the state of your company and the agreed upon investment terms.

Raising money has a number of legal requirements, and cannabis businesses are held to the highest standard when engaging in fundraising. Whether you are an investor or a growing business, following securities laws and understanding all of the investment implications is a crucial step. Contact us online or by phone at 888-491-1120 today to schedule a consultation.

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