As cannabis business owners, it is crucial that employees understand and follow company policy, that clear boundaries are drawn and that agreements are drafted that reflect the employee and employer relationship. Additionally, the cannabis industry frequently uses temporary contractors and consultants to help on licensed premises. There are many documents and agreements that can help employers stay compliant with federal and state law while providing guidance and boundaries to employees, consultant and contractors.

Greenspoon Marder’s cannabis employment lawyers can help with these agreements including:

  • Employment agreements
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Disciplinary documents
  • Employee handbooks
  • Agreements with trimmer and temporary employees
  • Independent contractor agreements for growers and consultants
  • Non-disclosure agreements for employees and contractors

Your employees are one of your most important assets however, they can also be a liability. By working closely with one of our employment attorneys, having thoughtful and lawful policies and agreements in place and by keeping careful documentation, a cannabis business can run smoothly and be well protected from employment litigation. Our attorneys can help.

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