The cannabis industry is just now seeing more frequent employment litigation. Our team of labor and employment lawyers work closely with our experienced litigators to provide comprehensive service no matter what side of the litigation you are on.

Because of the unique regulatory structures and non-traditional employment practices the cannabis industry often uses, this type of litigation requires attorneys who understand the cannabis space and it’s roots. Our cannabis team’s institutional knowledge of industry allows us to help you through whatever litigation you or your business may be involved in.

Our services include:

  • Wrongful termination claims
  • Wage claims
  • Wrongful classification claims
  • Administrative hearings with employment agencies such as OSHA and BOLI
  • Sexual harassment and unsafe workplace claims
  • Workman’s compensation claims

If you or your cannabis business are facing actual or threatened claims made by an employee or contractor, our cannabis employment and litigation lawyers can help guide you through the process.

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