Cannabis Industry Land Use, Licensing and Compliance Matters

One of the most interesting and dynamic components of a cannabis business is picking the correct location. Because licensing is almost always attached to the property, it is crucial that you ensure your property is licensable, has the appropriate water rights, is zoned correctly and that you can get local government sign-off. An experienced cannabis business attorney at Greenspoon Marder Cannabis Law Group can help in a myriad of ways including:

  • Local government licensing and land use hearing
  • Appearances in front of land use boards
  • Vetting property for suitability
  • All types of land use applications
  • Determining and obtaining water rights
  • Work collaboratively with local governments to help achieve land use permits
  • Contest land use decisions
  • Change of use and zoning changes

Why Contact a Cannabis Business Attorney?

Because so much of the success of your business is tied to the property, evaluating the usability your land should be one of the first steps in the licensing process. Whether you have been operating on the property pre-legalization or are currently shopping for real estate, a cannabis business attorney at our marijuana law firm can help. Your property is your most important investment, and we help ensure you stay in compliance. Contact us online or by phone at 888-491-1120 today to schedule a consultation.

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