Adult Use of Recreational Marijuana in California

California voters passed the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) in 2016. The AUMA legalizes the production, processing, possession, use, and sale of cannabis for adult use. The AUMA tasks several state agencies with regulating the adult use cannabis industry that will begin licensing adult use cannabis businesses in 2018. Similar to California’s medical program, the AUMA includes provisions allowing cities and counties to regulate cannabis businesses further, including the ability to implement local bans.

The Cannabis Practice at Greenspoon Marder is well positioned to assist clients in California’s emerging recreational marijuana industry. Our legal team carefully tracks legal and regulatory developments at the state, federal and local levels that may impact growers, processors, retailers and other entities seeking to participate in California’s adult use sector. We appreciate the challenges and uncertainties our clients face and are prepared to provide the insight and legal strategies they need to successfully enter this new sector of the economy.

If you have questions about the adult use cannabis industry in California or need help navigating adult use marijuana laws in another state, the attorneys in our Cannabis Practice are ready to assist you.