Licensing of Medical and Recreational Marijuana Businesses in Colorado

The Colorado Department of Revenue is tasked with licensing marijuana businesses, implementing the seed-to-sale tracking system, collecting the marijuana excise and sales taxes and disposition of marijuana tax revenue.

In the state of Colorado marijuana businesses are divided into two categories: medical marijuana businesses and retail (recreational) marijuana businesses. In order to legally operate a marijuana business in the state, whether it be on the medical or retail side, business owners must apply for and secure the appropriate licensing at both the state and local levels.

The application and licensing process is a lengthy and complicated one, involving numerous documents, fees and permits. Both medical marijuana businesses and retail marijuana establishments must meet a host of requirements in order to certified.

Helping Clients Comply With Colorado’s Marijuana Laws

The laws and regulations in Colorado relating to marijuana businesses and the cannabis industry in general are complex and changing. With new rules proposed for licensing, research, transferring of marijuana products and other activities, businesses and individuals operating in this space must take proactive steps to ensure they are positioned to meet evolving legal requirements.

At Greenspoon Marder, we understand the unique demands and challenges facing the cannabis industry. Our attorneys have played an active role in shaping cannabis law and policy from its earliest stages of development, and continue to closely monitor cannabis laws to keep clients aware of any changes that may impact their business operations.

Whether our clients are looking to launch a new marijuana business in Colorado, expand their current operations or finance the purchase of an existing establishment, we are prepared to provide legal and business advice to ensure they can operate within the scope of the state’s marijuana laws.