On January 1st, 2018, the Department of Taxation will begin accepting applications pursuant to the framework of the adopted Chapter 453D, Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana. All applications will require a one-time fee of $5,000, with potential annual and renewal fees outlined by 453D.230 and dependent upon the type of marijuana facility. Section 453.D200 establishes the Duties of the Department to adopt regulations necessary to guide Nevada’s adult use market and sales, including licensing, testing, taxes, and fees, though those specific regulations have not yet been determined. Chapter 453D further establishes parameters for compliance, and penalties both monetary and criminal for certain violations.

The licensing requirements for marijuana businesses in Nevada and across the country are complex and demanding. With legal landscape constantly shifting and expanding, cannabis businesses can quickly find themselves lost in a myriad of intersecting federal, state and local laws and policies.

At Greenspoon Marder, our Cannabis Practice is committed to providing comprehensive legal counsel on all matters that may impact cannabis business operations, from applying for state adult use (recreational) and medical marijuana establishment licenses, to drafting operational plans and procedures, to advising on local and county ordinances, business licenses, zoning requirements and other regulatory matters.

Whether you are currently participating in Nevada’s cannabis industry or are considering becoming involved as an investor, manufacturer, retailer or other marijuana-related businesses, the cannabis attorneys at Greenspoon Marder can provide you with the legal and regulatory advice you will need to launch and grow your business venture.