Nevada’s Medical Marijuana Program

The use of medical marijuana was legalized in Nevada in 2000 through a voter approved ballot initiative known as Question 9 – the Nevada Medical Marijuana Act. Under the Act, an individual may purchase medical marijuana if their doctor certifies that they are suffering from a “chronic or debilitating medical condition”. Cannabis can be purchased from Medical Marijuana Establishments (MME), dispensaries, cultivation facilities, facilities that produce edible marijuana or marijuana infused products, and independent testing laboratories.

Nevada’s Medical Marijuana Patient Cardholder Registry

In order to purchase medical marijuana, patients with qualifying medical conditions must be registered with the statewide Medical Marijuana Patient Cardholder Registry. Additionally, cardholders and their caregivers are only permitted to purchase medical cannabis from registered marijuana dispensaries unless certain extenuating circumstances arise.

Rules Governing Facilities Participating in Nevada’s Medical Marijuana Program

Like the many other states across the nation that have approved and established medical marijuana programs, Nevada’s regulatory structure is relatively new and continues to change and evolve. This shifting regulatory landscape creates significant challenges for entities seeking to open medical marijuana businesses.

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