Measure 91 tasks the Oregon Liquor and Control Commission (OLCC) with implementing rules regarding the licensing and regulation of cultivation, manufacture, distribution, and sale of marijuana and marijuana items for adult use. Additionally, OLCC is responsible for rules regarding tracking, testing, and packaging for medical and adult use marijuana. Since the implementation of Measure 91, OLCC rules have been in constant flux. Our clients can rest easy knowing that Greenspoon Marder is well-informed with regards to these changes and aware of how they affect our client’s businesses. The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) traditionally regulates the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP). Over time, the legislature has diverted more and more power from OHA to OLCC. While OLCC regulates tracking, testing, and packaging, OHA still regulates the licensing and operational compliance for medical marijuana businesses.

With the oversight of marijuana related operations evolving, cannabis businesses can easily find themselves lost in maze of shifting and expanding policies and regulations.  The attorneys at Greenspoon Marder are committed to providing the comprehensive guidance businesses need to participate in Oregon’s medial and recreational marijuana market. We work with clients at all stages of development on full range of matters, from initial corporate formation and applying for business licenses to complying with complex regulatory requirements and restrictions.

Whether you currently operate in Oregon’s marijuana industry or are considering launching an adult use or medical marijuana business in the state, the cannabis attorneys at Greenspoon Marder can provide the legal representation you need to reach your critical businesses objectives.