Cannabis Business Lawyer Advising Corporate Clients on Commercial Contracts

While relatively new for the cannabis industry, commercial contracts between cannabis businesses are extremely important. Whether your business is purchasing trim for processing or entering into a distribution agreement, a commercial contract is what protects all of the parties. Having an experienced cannabis business lawyer advise you on the complexities of commercial contracts can ensure your rights are protected. The attorneys in Greenspoon Marder’s Cannabis Practice understand the industry and are able to help navigate the best way to protect your business.

Here are some examples of contracts frequently drafted for the cannabis industry:

  • Trim purchase agreements
  • Distribution agreements
  • Inter-company agreements
  • Oil processing and fee split agreements
  • Net 30/60/90 agreements
  • Licensing agreements

Having these agreements drafted correctly protects your business, your product, your reputation and provides help during any potential litigation. Because our marijuana law firm deeply understands the cannabis industry, we are able to provide strong guidance when it comes to commercial contracts. For more information and for assistance regarding a commercial contract agreement, speak to a cannabis business lawyer at our firm today. Contact us online or by phone at 888-491-1120 today to schedule a consultation.