Helping Clients Successfully Resolve Cannabis Tax Law Challenges

Cannabis businesses face tax challenges that no other businesses operating in the United States face, which is why it is imperative that companies seek legal counsel with an experienced marijuana business attorney. IRC §280E prevents businesses that are engaged in “drug trafficking,” including marijuana, from taking regular business deductions. §280E forces cannabis businesses to use specific accounting methods, makes them more likely to be audited and significantly raises the potential tax liability for cannabis operators. The experienced lawyers in the Greenspoon Marder Cannabis Law Practice can help you navigate through the tax issues your cannabis-related business will most certainly face.

Our law firm can help with:

  • Corporate structuring and entity formation
  • §280E guidance, accounting methods and cost of goods sold decision-making
  • State, local and IRS audits
  • White collar and tax crime representation
  • Tax controversy

Navigating Complex IRC §280E Tax Issues

Until Congress acts on §280E and excludes marijuana businesses from this limitation, it remains one of the biggest challenges that operators face. It is extremely important to be thoughtful from a tax perspective about how your corporate structure, understand clearly how to operate under §280E and have an experienced marijuana business attorney on your team if your business is audited or you are contacted by the IRS or other taxing authorities.

Contact an Experienced Attorney for Assistance With Cannabis Taxes Matters

Business taxes can be extremely complex to navigate, let alone IRS taxes for cannabis businesses and ancillary companies. One small mistake can lead to substantial IRS penalties and/or fines. If you need assistance regarding cannabis tax matters, attorneys in the Greenspoon Marder Cannabis Law Practice are available to assist you. Contact us online or by phone at 888-491-1120 today to schedule a consultation. We have worked with over 2,000 clients in the industry across the United States, and we are backed by over 200 attorneys at this national, full service law firm.

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